Georgina Jardim


BA Hons, Ma, PHD
Lecturer in Muslim Contexts & Gender

Rosie Button, Lecturer in Mission

Georgina has taught on MA courses at Redcliffe College since 2013. She is originally from southern Africa where she  completed an honours degree in Islamic Studies and an MA in Ethics. 

She worked as a tutor in the Centre for Islamic Studies at the University of Johannesburg before moving to North West University, where Georgina lectured in Semitic Languages and Ancient Cultures. She took part in a research project Women in Church and Society for the Dutch Reformed Churches of South Africa from 2000-2002, comparing narratives that frame discussion about women in Christianity and Islam. Georgina received a studentship from the University of Gloucestershire which brought her and her family to the UK in 2003 to complete her PhD.  

She has an interest in the characters of the Bible and Quran, some shared and some particular to each text. She finds the practice of scriptural reasoning a rich way to explore the similarities and differences between the Bible and Quran’s characters and themes. Georgina started a grassroots initiative called the Holy Book Club where Christians and Muslims meet to get to know each other and to talk about their texts. At Redcliffe, Georgina has lectured on scriptural engagement, gender, and life and work in Muslim contexts. She enjoys South African braais, British satire and Portuguese fado music. 

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