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In Victorian England, women who were called by God into cross-cultural mission had no opportunity to train, yet mission agencies were  reluctant to take single women who, in the language of the time, were not ‘tested’. 

In 1892, Redcliffe’s founder Mrs Tottenham began the the YWCA Testing and Training Home in London with 'twelve candidates, two ladies and a cook'! Taking an innovative and radical approach to mission training, she offered practical subjects like first aid and carpentry alongside more 'proper' subjects such as Church history and the Life of Christ. 

Despite early scepticism, the new missionary centre flourished.  During her lifetime Mrs Tottenham saw hundreds of women from Redcliffe Missionary Training College, as the centre became known, serving God in many countries. 

Since its formation, Redcliffe has seen many changes - but much of what made Mrs Tottenham's work distinctive still remains.  Our courses are regularly updated to meet the needs of the next generation of people and our studies will equip you practically as well as helping you to think biblically about the mission challenges you face.


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