Courses at Redcliffe

Redcliffe's courses will train, equip and empower you to fully engage in God's mission in the world, wherever you are.

No matter what you are studying, you will learn more about God, His work and how you can play your part in mission. 

As Claire says: "My Redcliffe days equipped me to be the disciple and leader I am today and I am forever grateful!

Find the ideal course to sharpen your skills in...


Develop your capacity as a leader and your ability to lead yourself and others well

Courses include:
MA in Leadership in a Complex World

Member Care

Enable your mission partners to thrive

Courses include:
MA in Member Care
Preparing Families for Life Overseas

University of Gloucestershire  Our postgraduate MA courses are all validated by the University of Gloucestershire. 
British Accreditation Council  Accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as an Independent Higher Education Institution
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