2020 Autumn School

Redcliffe Masters Degree

Our MA’s were created by people passionate about the topics. They continually evolve to help you engage with culture. 

These MA’s allow you to reflect on your current ministry, study and research. You can spend quality time developing your ministry and considering your future options. They were designed with flexibility in mind. 

At Redcliffe your course of study lasts between two and four years. Start by studying CM1 over two long weekends in the Autumn. Then follow this up with another module over two weekends in the Spring.  Alternatively, join us for Summer school where we offer a broad range of tailored modules. 

 The rest of the programme is studied from where you live and work. This way, you can tailor your module assignments and dissertation to impact directly what you do – both your ministry and your study are enriched!

Benefits of studying at Autumn School

  • Spread over two weekends, it’s easy to fit this time around work and family. 
  • If you are keen to begin studying then Autumn is a great time to begin. 
  • Alternatively, if you have not studied for a while then this is a gentle way to get back into higher education. 
  • Previous students who studied with us in the Autumn said they appreciated the six weeks space in between each weekend to reflect on what they learnt and prepare for the second weekend. 
    You can find out more about our courses below:

2020 Autumn School Dates

Module: CM1

Weekend One: Friday 16 - Monday 19 October.

Weekend Two: Friday 4 - Monday 7 December. 

The deadline to start in the Autumn is the 4 September. 

Cross Cultural Mission

Be equipped, be challenged, be changed.


Lead yourself and others well.

Member Care

Enable your mission partners to thrive.

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