New course Pressing Red with Press Red on understanding and overcoming gender-based violence


We are excited to be launching Pressing Red! Pressing Red is a new course that aims to help participants understand one of the most important and pressing issues of our world - the global scope of violence against women. Launching in early April 2020, it has been developed in partnership with Redcliffe College and Press Red, a charity that educates the public and churches about worldwide violence against women, empowering and enabling them to make a difference. 

Based around Elaine Storkey’s groundbreaking book Scars Across Humanity, Pressing Red is made of six sessions that take roughly nine hours to complete. The sessions include videos from Christian organisations, discussion, a Bible study, practical steps you can take to make a difference, prayer points, and suggested reading. Issues participants will explore during the course include: understanding the global scale of violence against women, thinking through the Christian response, learning about what is already being done to tackle this, and how Christians can help. 

Please sign up at the link here to register your interest or contact Rosie Button at for more information. Visit the following link here to learn more about the course. 


The course is now live! To find out more go to:

Appointment of new Vice-Principal


We are delighted to appoint Dr Tim Davy, Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Mission, as our new Vice-Principal.

Since joining the faculty in 2008 Tim has taught a range of Biblical modules and now focuses on the Bible and Mission, and Scripture Engagement streams of Redcliffe’s MA in Contemporary Missiology. Tim enjoys supervising a range of dissertation topics and teaching on the modules, ‘Reading the Bible Missionally’ and ‘Scripture Engagement: Approaches and Issues’.  Tim has an MA in Biblical Studies and completed his PhD in 2014. The title of his thesis was, ‘The Book of Job and the Mission of God: An Application of a Missional Hermeneutic to the Book of Job’, and he is currently revising it for publication with Wipf & Stock. He is a member of the Tyndale Fellowship. We would like to extend our gratitude to Dr Colin Edwards during his tenure as Vice-Principal for his outstanding contribution to the College, including the creation of our Oceania hubs. However, he will still be part of the Redcliffe Community and continue to act as course leader for the MA in Contemporary Missiology.  

Press Release: 15th January 2019


Redcliffe and Wycliffe celebrate five years of collaboration


As we start the year, we give thanks to God for five years of close and enjoyable collaboration between Redcliffe College and Wycliffe Bible Translators. The relationship centred around two MA programmes, through which we have equipped over 100 students for work with people speaking minority languages in every corner of the globe. It’s been a joy to walk together with these students in their professional development and see them both growing in skill and confidence and making a difference, wherever they are. 

From June 2019, these MA programmes will be phased out, as both organisations focus on new initiatives. Redcliffe continues to strengthen the delivery of its MA programmes in Member Care, Leadership and Contemporary Missiology at various hubs around the world, whilst Wycliffe will continue to ensure training is provided for those serving with the organisation (an announcement will be made in due course). There will be plenty of time for adjustment over the next months, and to celebrate the relationships that have been developed. We’re thankful for the positive experience we’ve had working closely together and the ways the partnership has strengthened both Redcliffe and Wycliffe, providing opportunities for both organisations to learn and grow. 

We look forward to opportunities to work together in other ways, and seek God’s blessing on the future plans of both organisations.

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