Frequently asked questions about studying at Redcliffe

Frequently asked questions about studying at Redcliffe

Here are some frequently asked questions about studying at Redcliffe. If you cannot find the information you are looking for then please ask a question.

Q. How flexible are the courses?

A. All of our longer courses are flexible in that you normally have a choice of optional modules at each level. The 'module overview' for each course will give you information about available options.  There are a variety of start dates and length of intensive study periods based at the College depending on which MA you choose, See the course pages for more information.

Q. How academic are the courses?

A. The MA programmes are all accredited courses, validated by the University of Gloucestershire. As postgraduate courses, they will require you to engage with academic literature and thinking, however we encourage the practical application of what you are learning. See application FAQs for entry requirements.

Q. Does the College hold any exams?

A.  Most of the assessments are by essay but other methods are also used, such as individual and group presentations, work-sheets, reflective journals. 

Q. What are the lectures like?

A. Lectures are generally very interactive and you will be encouraged to enter into discussion on various topics. Lecturers will draw on the very different experiences and Christian backgrounds of students to stimulate debate and enable you to discuss and critique different viewpoints.

Q. How many hours a week am I expected to study on an MA?

A. The Contemporary Missiology, Leadership and Member Care courses have taught study intensives and then ongoing personal study. Every student is different, and while some can get by with less, and some need to devote a little more - with the reading, essay-writing, and research required to excel at postgraduate level, we advise that you set aside between two evenings and ten hours a week for personal study.


Q. Are lecturers available to give individual support to students?

A. Your course leaders and module coordinators will be happy to discuss any issues that have been raised through your work or during lectures. You can arrange to talk with them while you are at the College or via email/ skype. Ongoing support, including peer support, between study intensives is offered through the regular MA cafes.

Frequently asked questions about studying at Redcliffe


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