Linguistics, Translation and Literacy

The Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy offers essential training for linguistics, literacy, Bible translation and Scripture engagement in mission.

Redcliffe College is partnering with Wycliffe Bible Translators to provide training for Bible Translation and related ministries.

The courses are taught in partnership with Wycliffe and SIL International. They fulfil the initial training requirements of these organisations for those planning to work in language-related roles. They are also appropriate for anyone wishing to gain a linguistic understanding of how language works in order to serve more effectively across cultures.

Use the links below to find out more about the courses offered at Redcliffe.
Some modules are also offered in other countries within the European Training Network.

MA in Field Linguistics

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary for field linguistics in minority language environments, especially in the context of Bible Translation.


MA in Literacy Programme Development

MA in Literacy Programme Development

Gain a thorough preparation for planning and developing literacy and education programmes using minority ethnolinguistic communities.

Language and Culture Acquisition

Essential preparation for anyone engaging in-depth with a language and culture in a remoter part of the world. Often followed by
Assignment Related Training.


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