Fees Terms and Conditions

Download a PDF version of these terms and conditions here.


  • Applicants are required to pay the deposit specified in the offer letter in order to confirm their acceptance of a place from Redcliffe.    
  • Applicants should commence study at the College within one calendar year from the date of acceptance. You can defer your start date by up to one year, but must commence within 18 months of accepting your place. Failure to do so will require a fresh application to the college and the deposit will be forfeited. 
  • The deposit will be credited to your first invoice. 
  • Once you have accepted an offer to study at Redcliffe College, you will be able to cancel your acceptance within 14 days without giving any reason, and any deposit paid will be refunded to you.

Non-validated courses

  • Course fees cover the time spent being taught at Redcliffe College.  
  • The College is subject to the UK economy and we would expect fees to rise each year by between 3% and 5%. This rise will be applicable to new and continuing students.

MA programmes  

MLM courses: MA in Contemporary Missiology, MA in Leadership in a Complex World and MA in Member Care

  • Students typically pay the tuition costs for their programme in four instalments of 25% of the full cost, alongside the Mode of Delivery costs associated with each of their four taught modules.
  • Payment is to be made no later than the commencement of each period of study. For example, those taking two modules during the Summer School would pay 50% of their total tuition fee before the start of the Summer School.
  • In exceptional circumstances, fees may be paid in regular instalments, agreed by prior arrangement with Redcliffe College, but must be cleared before the end of that course of study. See payment terms specific to the course for more details.
  • Students continuing their MA into the second academic year of study will be charged tuition at the rate quoted at the start of their course.  No guarantees can be made for those taking longer to complete the taught modules; in such circumstances the student will be charged tuition at the rate current to the academic year in which the modules are taken.
  • Students who have to suspend their studies for personal reasons will pay the tuition rate that is applicable at the recommencement of their studies.  

Other Associated Fees

  • The Academic Administration Fee applies to all validated courses and is payable each year a student is enrolled on the course. This fee is subject to change.  
  • Students enrolled on postgraduate CLTL courses incur a Maintenance fee associated with each term of study at Redcliffe College. This covers all refreshments, use of the facilities, and Community Lunch provided once per week during term-time.  
  • Additional fees are applicable associated with the Mode of Delivery an MLM student chooses. These fees cover the non-academic aspects of the programme provided while studying at Redcliffe College. This covers all refreshments; use of the facilities; and any social events, food and/or accommodation provided as part of the programme.
  • When additional administration is required to assist a student in enrolment or altering their course, additional administration fees apply.


  • You will be liable for the full fees for the course engaged on from the point that you register for your course. 
  • Fees for the current academic year will be set out at the commencement of study for the current year.  Students giving due notice of an intention to withdraw during the year, will generally have fees for subsequent full terms waived by the College, but fees for the current term will be payable in full.
  • MA students who are not charged a separate fee for their dissertation will not be eligible for a refund if they decide to exit the MA programme with a postgraduate diploma.
  • Students who have to cease studies due to ill health, or other exceptional circumstances agreed with the College, will have fees cancelled from the conclusion of the current term, or course of study (whichever is sooner) provided the intention to withdraw is put in writing to the College prior to this date, and that this intention is accepted by the College.                  

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