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Auditing Modules at Redcliffe

Want to study at Redcliffe, but don't feel able to enrol on a validated postgraduate programme? 

Join one of our taught modules as an auditing student.


Many of the modules we teach as part of our validated MA programmes are available to individuals who want to join the teaching sessions, but don't wish to complete the module and assignments for academic credit. Our postgraduate modules delivered as part of the Centre of Linguistics, Translation and Literacy are delivered in longer teaching blocks and, though not available for audit, are available to study as a non-validated standalone modules, if desired. The following page should help clarify the criteria and agreements by which we accept auditing students on our Missiology, Leadership and Member Care (MLM) modules.

What modules are available for auditing students?

  • From our MA in Contemporary Missiology, the following modules are available to audit:
    • Research Methods and Approaches for Missiological Study 
    • Global Missiological Issues in Intercultural Contexts 
    • Crucial Issues for European Mission and Theology 
    • The Practice of Christian Mission in European Contexts
    • Just Mission: Justice Issues in Intercultural Contexts
    • Advocacy, Reconciliation and Peace-Building in Intercultural Contexts 
    • Reading the Bible Missionally 
    • Scripture Engagement: Approaches and Issues 
    • Gender and Mission
    • Living and Working in Muslim Contexts

  • From our MA in Leadership in a Complex World:
    • An Introduction to Global Leadership 
    • Organisational Development and Cultural Change

  • From our MA in Member Care:
    • The Mission Worker as a Person: Building life-skills and interpersonal skills 
    • The Member Care Worker: Equipping Self and Others


What am I committing to as an auditing student?

The quality of our taught modules is something we value very highly, and as a result we expect auditing students to take their commitment to the module very seriously. In order to fully participate in the module, auditing students are committed to:

  • Completing mandatory pre-reading ahead of the taught module
  • Seeking to engage in classroom discussions at the same level as validated students
  • Full participation and attendance at all seminars
  • Completion of required background reading and research during the delivery
  • Being part of the studying cohort from the commencement of the module, up to the end of the taught period(s) of study. 


What entry requirements and criteria must I meet to audit a module?

To guarantee the integrity of the module for validated students, it's important that all auditing students present are able to make a valuable and active contribution to the learning experience. When you apply to audit a module, you will usually be required to have a short informal interview with the module tutor. Auditing students are accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Connection. The module leader is satisfied that the applicant has a clear enough connection to the subject matter to fully participate in the module.
  • Competence. The module leader is satisfied that the applicant is academically capable of fully engaging with the content and discussion. Module leaders may ask a prospective auditor to complete the MA sample assignment if appropriate.
  • Commitment.  The applicant accepts that they are to commit to participating fully in the taught aspect of the module and engaging at the same level as the validated students. This includes completing mandatory pre-reading, and any background reading required during the delivery.


Is there a limit to the number of modules I can audit?

Yes. Individuals are permitted to audit no more than one module per academic year, up to a maximum of two modules in any three-year period. 


How much does it cost to audit a module?

Tuition fees for auditing a postgraduate module are set at £600 for 2016-17. There may be additional Mode of Delivery fees associated with attending the taught period(s) of study. Please see our course fees page and Fees Terms and Conditions for more information on Mode of Delivery costs.


What does auditing a module include and exclude?

When auditing a module that is being delivered for credit to validated students, there are some differences between what auditing students receive, and what validated students receive.

  • Join the studying cohort from the commencement of the module, for the prereading and taught delivery of the module
  • Attend all seminars, activities and discussion groups as part of the intensive study programme
  • Do not complete assessed presentations, essays and activities
  • Do not receive tutor support after the end of the taught delivery
  • Receive a Redcliffe Certificate to act asproof of attendance at the taught aspect of the module


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